Old Friend

Hey guys! So as I was getting ready for bed, words kept bouncing around in my head, and like all writers I just couldn’t ignore them. Also like most writers you end up with something. I will admit this one came out a little different than I thought it would when I started writing, but I’m not to upset about that. For some it may seem a little dark, but don’t worry it doesn’t have any underlining meaning, just a story my fingers typed.  But my literature side is coming out with this one, and I am curious who you all think the one telling this story is, so please feel free to share your thoughts! Anyways, without further rambling, my story for the night!


Old Friend


Everyone fears death. Some may claim they view death as an old friend, but deep down they fear her. She comes for everybody, and all know one day they will meet her face to face. The brave look her in the eye. The meek glance away as she approaches, and then there’s some that take her by the hand. Death does not hate anyone; she does not revel in the cruelty of her job. The wailing of sorrows is not music to her ears. She flinches at the curses anger casts her way. All she wanted was an honest world, for truth to be known. Too many find the truth to be harsh, and flea from its light. No one hates Death, they hate the truth she sheds on things. The truth of how short our time is, of how wasted most of our lives are. If we acknowledge her truth, we would have to turn from our ways. What drunk wants to give up his wine, what sinner their sin? Death is not their enemy, rather a gentle spirit trying to end their pain. Too many souls act without cause when death comes for them, but not I. I await her like a lost lover. A soul waiting for their other half to finally be reunited.

If I show you

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. 😢 This past month has been pretty busy and when I do have a minute to write I’ve been completely brain dead. 😣 But hopefully (don’t pop my small optimism bubble) I can start to find some inspiration and get to writing again! Tonight I had a little brain child so maybe it’s a sign I’m getting back into my writing shoes! So without further ado, my brain baby!

                 If I show you

You say you don’t know me and that’s true. But If I showed you my scars would you say I’m pretty? If I showed you my tears would you think my eyes sparkle? If I opened my chest to show you my heart would you hear it’s beat? If I said every word I kept unspoken would you listen? The answer is no. You wouldn’t. Because I know you. You would run and flea. To save myself from pain I showed you the monster I can be. I didn’t let you know me. Because to do that would committing suicide. And nobody’s worth that. So here I sit, the monster afraid of her shadow. 

Photo Shoot

So a few of you know that I really enjoy photography as well as writing. I don’t think I’ve posted any of my pictures so I thought since I don’t have any stories to post right now, I would post a few of my pictures from this afternoons photo shoot.

Color Non Living 2

Who knew you could have so much fun with your mother’s yard ornaments!

Black&White Living

I had to pay my sister $20 dollars to get her to model for me, but isn’t she adorable!


Love this one! I think she needs to consider a modeling career!


It wouldn’t be a country girl’s photo shoot if it didn’t have an old barn in it!

Color Living

Or baby bunnies!


…..Or a cow….Took a little bit to get this girl to look at us!


So that’s just a small piece of my afternoon work. I didn’t think y’all would like looking through 300 pictures, so I picked out just a few of my favorites. I also want to thank my mom and dad who got me my fancy camera and made all of this possible! Hopefully I will learn to take better pictures than this in the future, and maybe hook my friends into letting me do some photos for them!


Until next time!




Couldn’t Sleep

Hey guys! I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted something, and I have several challenges to catch up on. Wordjunkie I will do that story challenge you tagged me I promise! Life has been kind of crazy lately. But tonight I couldn’t sleep so this little short story popped in my head. I’ve been trying to work on my writing skills in different perspectives. I’m too comfortable writing in first person, and I hope to get to where I’m better at third. So sorry in advance if the story isn’t the best. I’m still learning how to do third person stories.




Old Wounds

Laughter filled the air, as tears filled her eyes. She hadn’t meant to stalk them, but the universe seemed to have a grudge against her. She watched as they snuggled close together, flipping through the menu. The universe also must think she needs to lose weight. Yet another diner ruined by association. She couldn’t keep her eyes from drifting to their table; couldn’t keep from noticing the sparkle in their eyes, the magnetic pull between them. A shadow of a touch crept up her arm, the tears bringing pain with them. A night alone was all she wanted. Was that too much to ask? It’s been years, but the pain still hurt like a new wound. As she got up to leave the ring of metal against tile clattered through the room. Her eyes cut to the fork, the silence unsettling.

“Cee?” That nickname; that stupid nickname that still sent her heart soaring. Turning, she braced herself for what she knew would be an awkward conversation.

“Tommy,” Her eyes cut over to the blonde. She was definitely his type; curvy, beautiful without even trying. Celeste looked away, hoping to make a quick escape. As she turned to leave the sound of jeans against leather caught her attention.

“Hey, how’ve you been? What are you doing?” Crying over you, wanting to eat my weight in chocolate ice cream, how about you?

“Good, just thought I’d pamper myself to a good meal. And you?” Celeste’s eyes slid over to the blonde again. Her lips pursed as she watched the two exchange pleasantries.

“I’m good. I just came in for the weekend. Mom didn’t believe me when I told her school hadn’t killed me yet.” Celeste jerked her attention back to Tommy, forcing a smile on her face.

“Well I’m sure she misses you.” The silence hung heavy between them, and the weight of unspoken words felt like a bag of bricks on Celeste’s shoulders. How does one say what’s screaming in their mind, when fear sews the mouth shut. So many words, but so little courage. I miss you too, we should hang out, don’t be a stranger…All words trapped inside. She knew even if she got them out, they wouldn’t make a difference. She learned the hard way that saying what’s on your mind seldom works.

“Well it’s nice seeing you. Take care.” Tommy offers her a smile, before turning back to the blonde. Celeste couldn’t pull herself away as she watched the two. A small “You too” fell on silent ears. She would always be the girl he ran into, but never the girl sitting next to him. He would always have her heart, but he would never realize what he held. Laughter filled the air, as she whispered, “Goodbye,”

Quote Challenge Day 3

So I have been epically failing at this challenge and I’m sorry! My brain has been on a million different other things and I never remember to post somethin, but anyways! My third quote in this challenge is: 

I love this quote so much! It’s so true, you will be amazed at how brave and strong you can be when push becomes to shove, and you will always be smarter than you think, but most importantly you will always be loved. Never feel as if nobody cares. You are never alone. There will always be someone there for you. 

Six Day Quote Challenge 

Thank you anextrodinarygirlinanordinaryworld for nominating me for this challenge. I’ve been needing something to post 😊 


  1. Thank the person who nominated you. 
  2. Post a quote once a day for six days. 
  3. Tag at least one person when you start, and if you want to nominate others as you go. 

This quote is from the video game Final Fantasy X. This game is probably my favorite video game, it has an awesome story line, amazing quotes, and awesome music! This is one of my favorite quotes, because it’s true. No matter how bad the night is, or your day is, your journey will start anew the next day and you can try again. It reminds me not to give up. That I can start again with the rising sun. So never give up! 
I’m just going to nominate one person a day as I go instead of all at once. So today I’m going to nominate Varied Amore. variedamore.wordpress.com